Error Pages

Error pages don't have to suck! and that is why iReview lets you change the error message content, display menus and modules on your error pages


Because error pages don't have associated menus, you can't assign specific modules to the error page. For this reason we've renamed all the modules in the error page by prefixing them with error-. This allows you to assign modules to the error equivalent to make them appear only in the error page. For example, if you have a menu assigned to position-1 in normal pages, to get this module to show in the error page you would duplicate the menu, and use the position error-position-1.

Error Message

Your error pages will output a default error message and display the status code for the error which is sent by Joomla or by a specific extension. You can easily override the default error message output in a couple of ways:

The error-page-content position

This position allows you to provide a generic message for all error pages, that replaces the current message.

The error-page-### position

This position allows you to display error-specific messages, that override both the default message and the error-page-content position message. So even if you have set a custom message, you can still display a different message for specific error status codes.

The ### string represents the error status code. For example error-page-404.

error-page-### module positions are not pre-defined in the template settings. To use them you write the name of the position in the module position setting, and then press enter.

Like with other modules, you can use the Bootstrap Site setting in the module Advanced tab to set the number of grid columns the module will use. This is useful if you want to display 2 or more modules in the same row.

Supported Module Types

In Joomla 3 it is not possible to display modules of any type in error pages. iReview overcomes this limitation, but not all module types can be shown in error pages. The following module types will work in error pages, while others will just be ignored:

  • mod_articles_archive
  • mod_articles_categories
  • mod_articles_category
  • mod_articles_latest
  • mod_articles_news
  • mod_articles_popular
  • mod_banners
  • mod_custom
  • mod_finder
  • mod_login
  • mod_menu
  • mod_search
  • mod_tags_popular

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